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Let’s  DIG  In!



This  is  where  I  like  to  keep  a  list of links to  the  wellness  products  we  have  found  helpful to our  family  for  those  interested . To be fully transparent some  of the  links  shared here are affiliate links. Cheers to good health!

Products We DIG In With!


Life Is All About Choices

Our familys  own journey to finding recovery and wellness has given me insight  into the many challenges families encounter. This is  where  I  share the  products  that  have  helped  our  family  on  our  wellness  journey.


Ionic Foot Bath Detox

This is my very favorite detox tool and my favorite ionic foot bath! This is the unit used by our family. I encourage Folks  to get the Starter Kit option as it gives you everything you need to do your first 60-100 foot baths before needing more supplies. Discount code DIG5 will save you 5% off your purchase of the ionic foot bath and any other product from the HealthandMed site!



Ozone Water

I love this product! Our family has truly enjoyed this unit. The discount code for this website is DIG12 to save 12%!



Keto Kerri Products , Valasta, Camel Milk, Hydrogen Water and the Mito Red Light

Favorite   products  from  thi that  our  family  loves  includes  the  Breakthrough Vitamin  D,  Chondroitin,  oleic  acid  drops,  KK  Humic/Fulvic  drops,  KK C8, the Black Seed Oil, Robynzyme  and  the  KK  Structured  silver.    Save  5%  with  discount  code  DIG5.    https://www.ketokerri.com/store/

Another  immune  system  builder  that  has  been  realky  incredible  for  our  entire  family  has  been  Valasta!  I  cant  encourage you  enough  to  check  out  the  incredible  story  behind this  product  at  https://valasta.net   -  With  code  DIG5  you  can  save  5%  on  your  order!  Our  whole  family  uses  this  product  and  Im  truly  impressed  with  the  improved  immune  response  we’ve  seen.

Camel  Milk  was  a  literal  game changer in  our  family  for  gut  healing  and  speech  gains.  The  source  our  family  is  using  The  Camel  Milk Co www.thecamelmilkco.com/

With  code  HKB10  you  can  save  10%

It  can  often  be  hard  to  find  good  cm  vendors  and  they  make  it  easy  with  a  great  products, a  very  user  friendly  website  that  allows  for  easy  online  payments  and  quality  shipping.  They  are  even  able  to  ship  to  Canada!  

The Hydrogen Water Unit we use and really like is by H2 Water For Life Found  at  this  link:  https://h2waterforlife.com/?affiliates=28   This  company  truly  makes  a  very  high  quality  unit  that  only  makes  pure  hydrogen  water  ~  that  is  not  always  easy  to  find,  especially at  their  good  price  points.  We  started  with  the hydrogen  water  making  unit  and  over  time  incorporated the  hydrogen  tablets  in  too  ~  love  the  portability of  the  bottle  and  inhalation option  it  comes  with.  They  often  are  running  great  sales,  definitely check  them  out !

  The   https://mitoredlight.com

We  use  the  Mito  Mid  size  unit and  really  love  it.  Its  really  well  made  and  the  prices are  very  good.  Use  code  DIG5  to  save  5%!

DIG Into Health